Three Thick-knees

Spotted Thick-knees are a rare sight in our garden , but at Knysna , there were lots of them. There were three Thick-knees , which I saw every day – a male , female and a juvenile. They were surprisingly tame and allowed me to take nice , close-up photos.

The Spotted Thick-knee ( Burhinus capensis ) is a common bird throughout South Africa. Spotted Thick-knees ( Gewone Dikkoppe ) are shy birds and often hard to spot , due to their dull plumage. They are mostly found in pairs and they usually gather in small groups , when not nesting.

These birds prefer suburban areas , grassy areas and open bushveld. Their diet consists mainly of insects , but they also eat a variety of small crabs and seeds. When nesting , 1 to 3 eggs are laid in flat nests on the ground.

It was a perfect day and the sunlight played subtly on the birds’ feathers. The blurred , green background caused them to stand out and they allowed me to get quite close. It was a wonderful experience!



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